At Bentley Building Supplies we are a Fair Dinkum Homes & Shed Distributorship. This enables us to employ a specialist software program that designs and engineers any size of shed with unlimited design options to meet your requirements. Windows, PA doors, Roller Doors,mezzanine floors, stair cases,lean to's, skylights and much much more can be added at the click of a button while your sitting right next to one of our friendly staff or feel free to call or email for a quotation. 

We supply sheds from Port Pirie to Port Augusta, Whyalla, Kimba, Cowell, Tumby Bay, Cummins and the surrounding areas including Kadina, Wallaroo, Moonta, Snowtown and Port Wakefield.

All our sheds are designed shedsafe which means that samples of the designs and engineering (plans and structural calculations) have been subjected to a design check and documentation review process undertaken by an independent 3rd party structural engineer and met the ShedSafe accreditation criteria meaning that for all sheds sold  we have signed and submitted documentation confirming that all of their shed designs are in accordance with the Australian Steel Institute Design Guide Portal Frame Sheds and Garages (2009).

Fair Dinkum Shed Categories


Garages from Fair Dinkum Sheds cover a large range, providing for people who need something for storage or a workshop. Available are single garages, double garages, or a garage that has as many roller doors as the engineering will allow.

These inexpensive designs can vary in span, length, height, roof pitch and any other parameter that you can think to change is most likely a possibility.

American Barns

American Barns give you that bit of extra space and style. They are very practical for a multi-car garage, boat shed, workshop, horse stable or any large storage solution!

They are also fully customisable , as all Fair Dinkum sheds are. You could even turn one of the sides of your American barn into an open carport, or verandah.


Fair Dinkum Sheds are the best choice when it comes to choosing large economical steel buildings. The 35 meter span allows you ample room for most small to medium industrial applications.

Weather you need it for mass storage, or an industrial workshop, you’ll be able to customise a large industrial shed to suit your needs.

Quaker Barns

Quaker Barns will give you extra style and much more head-room if you choose this unique looking shed. Weather you need more height to fit in something tall, or you wish to add a second floor to your garage, the Quaker Barn can be the right choice of Fair Dinkum Shed.


Our steel carports are a perfect inexpensive way to shield your car from the elements. As with all of our products, you can choose the span, length and height of your carport. But why stop there. You can include a car port on the side or front of your garage, giving you a secure place for storage or workshop.

Farm Sheds

Our farm sheds can be used in so many different situations. You can use them as open stables, for storage of farm equipment, or simply as a hay shed.

Your farm shed is also endless customisable. You can have open bays, closed bays, and you can even add in divider walls. You can also put roller doors where ever you wish .

Fair Dinkum Engineering

All Fair Dinkum buildings are Designed and Certified to the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

  • Steel Connections Designed to Australian Standard(AS) 4100 and AS4600.
  • Cold Formed Steel Members Designed to AS4600.
  • All steel sections material is a minimum of 450MPa steel.
  • Hot Roller Steel Members Designed to AS4100.
  • Foundations designed to AS2870.
  • Concrete designed to AS3600, and
  • Various other specialised components design to relevant standards.
MultiBuild Design and Quotation Software

Fair Dinkum distributors make use of quoting and design software called MultiBuild. This software is exclusive to Fair Dinkum distributors. The software enables us to:
  • Quickly and easily come up with a custom design best suited to you.
  • Instantly quote to the dollar your custom design, informing you quickly on different prices as you add and remove features of your design.
  • Save templates and designs of their most popular sheds which may suit exactly what you are looking for.
  • Modify their existing designs to suit your requirements.
  • Design an extension to your existing shed, weather it is a standard shed, garage, barn, stable, farm shed or anything else.
  • Export details to the engineering and drafting department to certify your custom design in minutes.

MultiBuild software has been developed progressively over the last 15 years and as such combines all the features required to suit your individual needs.


Council Requirements and Certification

Being Fair Dinkum distributors we have exclusive access to the MultiPlan system through their MultiBuild Software.

This allows the distributor to request site specific AutoCAD prepared plans for an individual building in a turn around time of fewer than 3 minutes.

These plans have been prepared with the needs of Australian Councils in mind. However, as the regulations are different across the various Australian States and Territories these plans and certification documents have been customised to suit individual areas requirements and are constantly being updated.

You will be provided with:

  • A full set of site specific plans.
  • A detailed list of the components included in your building.
  • A set of instructions for your Fair Dinkum structure.
  • Engineering certification of the building, and
  • A full set of design calculations if required by your specific certifying authority.

Given our 15 year market leading position you can trust in the knowledge and experience of Fair Dinkum Homes and Sheds when it comes to council certifications.

All Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds are certified to meet all Australian Standards and we can help lodge your application through council if necessary. Feel free to organise your own transport from Adelaide or we can deliver from our yard in Port Pirie where each item of your shed is checked individually before delivery.

For more information or a prompt price feel free to come in and see us, call or browse the following websites . . . .

# Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds Homepage

# Fair Dinkum Colour Chooser

Quote Request & Enquiry

In order to make the most of your time and internet resources we offer this online quotation request service.

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If you know the style of building you are interested in please indicate so in the product description drop down control. Also if you have a specific size in mind, please provide those details to assist in the design and quoting process.

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From this information we will be able to generate the basis of your structure

We also offer many other design options including garaports, lean to's, mezzanine floors, skylights, sliding doors etc to further compliment your shed

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