At Bentley's Building Supplies we can supply you  with two different fence configurations, using either our friendly neighbour Neetascreen/ Customscreen system or using our zincalume structural framing system.

The Neetascreen & Customscreen systems are available in panels of 2350mm(Neetascreen) and 2370mm(Customscreen) in standard heights of 1.6, 1.8 & 2.1m. Friendly Neighbour fences can be designed to be double sided colourbond and include lattice as shown in the top left picture. Concrete slabs can also be purchased to run along the base of the and are designed to slot in between the posts enabling efficient and quality construction. Single and double gates can then be purchased prefabricated or in a kit in the same colourbond colour to match your new or existing fence providing a high quality structural fence.

The Zincalume structural framing system utilizes 50mm x 50mm posts and 38mm x 25mm RHS for the main structure which can then be designed to suit varying fencing iron profiles. For added appearance the posts can be powdercoated and colourbond fencing iron used providing a very good looking fence at a slightly cheaper price.

For more information or a prompt price feel free to come in and see us, call or browse the following websites . . . .

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