At Bentleys Building Supplies we can design and quote any size and shape of carport/verandah to suit your outdoor living area. Our carports & verandahs can be designed to be free standing or attached to a building with a choice of skillion or pitched roofing. Want to design your own structure? Sure, talk to our friendly staff who will help you design the perfect carport for your house.

We offer two key products to construct your carport with:

Lysaght Firmlock Light Structural Beams Carports & Verandahs

Firmlock light structural beams are made from zincalume aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel that are powdercoated with a choice of four colorbond steel colour to comply with AS 1397-2001 and cladded with your choice and colour of roof sheeting. Firmlock Light Structural Beams have distinctive bracketry that utilizes a system where all beam ends are concealed reducing the risk birds and wildlife nesting throughout the structure and creating a much neater appearance. 


Firmlock colourbond carports/ verandahs are unique because the range of connection types and accessories allow you to erect your project with ease, Firmlock is uniform in quality and doesn't warp or split, does not need painting and consistent straightness simplifies alignment throughout the structure.

C-Section Carports & Verandahs

C-Section designed carports/verandahs are designed and constructed using zincalume c-section, zed purlins and tophat as the primary structure which is held in the air by structural steel posts. This method of design and construction can be favored due to its cost compared to the firmlock system but is only available in zincalume. C-Section carports & verandahs have their own set of bracketry system which makes the structure much easier to construct and makes the appearance alot more appealing. C-section designed carports/verandahs are not as not up market as firmlock strutures but provide an excellent result at a more convenient price.

For more information or a prompt price feel free to come in and see us, call or browse the following websites . . . . 

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